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4DFWD & Copa

For our collaboration with Adidas, we utilized a variety of techniques to create visually stunning product imagery. We first captured high-quality photography of their shoes, ensuring that each detail was meticulously captured. Then, we utilized 3D and CGI to add a unique twist to the ima- gery. By integrating CGI elements and using advanced lighting techniques, we were able to crea- te a dynamic and eye-catching final result. The shoe imagery was enhanced through the use of lightbulbs and creative CGI integration, allowing us to highlight the unique features of each shoe in a captivating way. The final product was a series of striking images that showcased Adidas‘ pro- ducts in a whole new light.

Year: 2022
Client: Adidas
Agency: About Kokokomo
Photography: PALAM
Creative Lead: PALAM
Direction: About Kokomo
Light Assistant: Chaemus Macmillan
Digital Assistant: Moritz Thau / Tim Theissen
Set Design: Teresa Mahler
Set Design Assistant: Laura Schmell
Product Styling: Steffi Bühlmeier
Executive Producer: Franziska Marx
Production Coordinator: Anna Brunner
Producer: Philip Ostendorf
Post Production: Studio Gessner