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On Running

Cloud Runner

For the global launch of On Running‘s Cloud Running Shoe, PALAM created a minimalist explosion view sculpture. Composed of transparent glass blocks connected by strings to rippled plexiglass walls, the sculpture showcases the intricate layers of the shoe. Each glass block represents a dif- ferent shoe layer, providing a captivating visual glimpse into the shoe‘s design. The stacked blocks, with intentional spacing, create an intriguing composition. The sculpture‘s purpose is to be visually interesting without overshadowing the shoe itself, ensuring the shoe takes the spotlight. Our explosion view sculpture celebrates the craftsmanship and technology behind the Cloud Running Shoe. It invites viewers to explore the shoe‘s performance-driven design while presenting a visually appealing and artistic presence.

Year: 2021
Client: On Running
Creative Direction: PALAM
CGI: Manuel Carvalho
Shoe Modeling: Konstantin Datz
Production: Water Creative