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Mitte Water


Our CGI studio collaborated with Mitte Water to create visually stunning representations of their water purifier cartridges. Through a seamless fusion of imagination and innovation, we have crafted captivating imagery that brings to life the essence of each cartridge. Drawing inspiration from the natural world, PALAM meticulously designed stone arrangements and surfaces that symbolize the minerals infused in the cartridges. These images serve to visually communicate the dual functionality of filtration and mineralization that Mitte Water cartridges provide. With our CGI imagery, we capture the essence of Mitte Water‘s commitment to purity, health, and hydration. Each image is carefully crafted to evoke a sense of quality and sophistication that aligns with the brand‘s values.

Year: 2022
Client: Mitte Water
Creative Lead: PALAM
Postproduction: Studio Gessner