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Native Instruments

S / X1

Native Instruments recently underwent a remarkable rebranding, they introduced a stunning lineup of redesigned keyboards within their renowned “Komplete Kontrol” series, along with a portable DJ controller from the X1 series. Our mission was to capture the essence of these  products through photography and elevate them with custom designed 3D backdrops. This endeavor presented us with a unique challenge: crafting intricate construction elements that seamlessly combined functionality as support and platform structures while maintaining an engaging and visually appealing presentation. At PALAM, we ventured into the intersection of modern installation art and retail presentation. Our goal was to not merely showcase these instruments but to immerse them in a captivating visual narrative.

Client: Native Instruments
Creative Direction: PALAM
Digital Set Design: PALAM
Photography: PALAM
Modeling: PALAM
Postproduction: Studio Gessner
Light Assitant: Cheamus Macmillian
Digital Assistant: Raul Suciu
Set Assistant: Maja Wölker