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Nike x Ambush

Air Force 1

PALAM had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with Nike and Ambush on a project featuring the iconic Air Force One sneakers. Our goal was to capture the essence of these shoes by creating a series of captivating artworks that pushed the boundaries of visual storytelling. To bring this vision to life, we joined forces with the esteemed design studio, Yukiko, who provided their exceptional creative
direction. With an expert eye for composition, PALAM meticulously photographed the sneakers from various angles and positions. Each shot was carefully crafted to evoke a sense of floating in space, while paying homage to the nostalgic aesthetics of late 90s still life photography. We embraced grain and motion blur, adding an element of dynamic energy to the images. One of the key challenges we faced was working out the shadows to perfectly align with the desired backdrop mood, ensuring every detail was meticulously crafted. We travel through time and space. We move with the speed of light. We define the dance floor’s gravity. We teleport between the worlds.

Year: 2022
Client: Nike – Ambush
Photography: PALAM
Creative Direction: Studio Yukiko Post Production: Studio Gessner
Light Assistant: Louis Headlam