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PALAM, known for its strong digital stage design with a sculptural artistic approach, presents Paradox. This visionary project draws inspiration from the renowned brand Prada, showcasing two captivating stages featuring Prada inspired rings and the enigmatic Paradox perfume flacon. In the first stage, modern lighting design takes center stage. Sleek black design elements are suspended in space, connected by delicate wires. Slim tubes emit intriguing light, casting a captivating glow on the showcased jewelry and flacon. This scene captures the essence of Prada‘s sophisticated aesthetic. The second stage introduces an unexpected twist. A square solar panel transforms into a whimsical seesaw. Meticulous ants delicately interact with the rings, while a curious mantis engages with the triangle-shaped Paradox flacon. This fusion of nature and elegance adds an intriguing paradox to the collection.

Year: 2023
Creative Direction: PALAM
Set Design: PALAM
CGI: Mattis Obermann
Modelling: Konstantin Datz
Post Production: Studio Gessner