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PALAM collaborated with Rimowa on a project called „Ingenieurskunst.“ We created five custom workstations that showcase the Rimowa Classic Cabin S in a way that merges manufacturing and sculpture. Under the title „Ingenieurskunst.“, the brand focuses on the unification of processes, materials and manufacturing that result in the brand‘s high demand for functionality. Our workstations displayed in a futuristic minimalist space provide a unique viewing experience that emphasizes the suitcase‘s precision and design, highlighting Rimowa‘s dedication to functionality and innovation. In addition, we created a range of animated close-ups that use light to high- light key visual parts of the suitcase. The result is a series of striking visuals that capture the essence of Rimowa‘s brand.

Year: 2022
Client: Rimowa
Agency: Anomaly
Creative Lead: Studio Amos Fricke
Creative Direction: PALAM
3D Modeling: Konstantin Datz
Postproduction: Simone Strano