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PALAM embarked on a captivating project collaborating with a talented trio of artists. Together, we explored the delicate beauty of glass as we unveiled a collection of meticulously crafted flowers. This artistic endeavor saw the convergence of 3D-printed stems and flowers seamlessly intertwined with the mesmerizing allure of glass flame works. The intricate details and delicate textures were ex- pertly captured, recorded, and transformed into a new digital format. Through our innovative approach, we aimed to breathe new life into these exquisite creations, planting a digital seed in the earth of the internet. PALAM‘s studio became a canvas for this creative exploration. With our keen eye for detail and technical expertise, we expertly photographed these enchanting objects. Every delicate petal and stem was meticulously captured, ensuring that the essence and artistry of each flower was faithfully preserved. In this project, we sought to transcend traditional artistic boundaries, melding the realms of physical art and the digital age. By compressing these unique specimens into digital images, we created a virtual garden where the flowers blossom and flourish in a realm of infinite possibilities.

Year: 2021
Photography: PALAM
Postproduction: HISM / Alex Nizhnikovskyi
Light Assistant: Lewin Berninger
Set Assistant: Tatiana Makrinova
Artworks by: Clara Schweers, Kurina Sohn, Delphine Lejeune