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Tommy Hilfiger

x Safilo

At PALAM, we had the privilege of photographing TOMMY HILFIGER‘s eyewear collection, capturing every intricate detail for maximum impact. These images were a crucial part of a larger campaign featuring renowned athletes immersed in stunning natural landscapes. Our team meticulously crafted each shot, combining in-camera techniques with computer-generated landscapes inspired by the campaign‘s theme of showcasing athletes in picturesque environments such as mountains and beaches. This collaborative campaign beautifully merges fashion and athleticism, embodying the spirit of TOMMY HILFIGER and SAFILO. Our visuals take center stage, showcasing the eyewear against breathtaking mirrored landscapes that echo the beauty of nature.

Client: Tommy Hilfiger x Safilo
Photography: PALAM
Set Design: Tatiana Makrinova
Postproduction: Studio Gessner
Light Assistant: Julian Barbes
Digital Foto Assistant: Max Zimmermann