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PALAM’s “METAMORPHOSIS,” is a visionary project that unfolds as an immersive play. This avant-garde initiative intricately weaves the symbolic evolution of a butterfly into the contours of a luxury car.

The bespoke kinetic sculptures who are dynamic characters and actors within the play, represent each stage of the butterfly’s metamorphic journey – from the fragile delicacy of the egg to the sinuous grace of the caterpillar, the cocoon’s silent contemplation, and the triumphant emergence of the butterfly. These sculptures serve as captivating set pieces, resonating with the ethos of modern installation art.

The play transcends conventional boundaries, inviting the audience into a multi-dimensional space where the interplay of light and shadow amplifies the ethereal nature of transformation. As spectators, you become immersed in a dialogue between organic evolution and human ingenuity, experiencing the convergence of artistic expression and automotive precision.

“METAMORPHOSIS” challenges the traditional dichotomy between art and car manufacturing, prompting contemplation on the cyclical nature of existence and the interconnectedness of nature and innovation. The stage becomes a canvas where the fluidity of life is explored, offering an intellectual and sensory journey that captures the essence of transformative beauty.

Creative DIrection & Production: PALAM
CGI and 3D Textile Modelling: PALAM
3D Animation: PALAM
3D Modeling and Art Direction Sculptures: Konstantin Datz
2D Graphic Design and Motion Design: Leo Imbert
Typography and Title Animations: Plus Murs
Sound Design: Ronas Bektas
Grading: Berkan UStalar